Witness Your Experience without Judgement

Sexual Dysfunction Therapy
Sexual Dysfunction Therapy – What causes sexual dysfunction?
September 29, 2017
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Witness Your Experience without Judgement

A Sexologist is a person who is trained extensively in the scientific study of human sexuality, including an array of human sexual interests, behaviour, lifestyles and sexual function/ dysfunction. Sexology is specifically a field of the research-based sciences; therefore, the field of sexology is distinct from the more general/clinical study of sexuality (for example that of a Sex Therapist) that may or may not incorporate explicitly scientific research methods.
However, in saying all that, I have had sexual adversity commencing from early childhood. I am sincerely cognizant that this adversity along with my academia, travels and ongoing experience has given me an Edge that allows me to be non-judgmental and empathetic with whatever my clients bring to the Consultation table.

Secrets to a fulfilling Life:

Although I had “carefully” used these concepts in my 25+ years of practice, unfortunately it was self-judgment that stopped me from going full steam ahead. My 25+ years experience in the field of Psychology and Sexology has allowed me to understand why people keep playing old tapes and therefore not making significant changes in their Lives. It was after my Yoga course that I decided to revamp my old website and put out there on video what I had been preaching quietly in my private practice for decades. Contact for sex doctor in nashik.

Can you honestly say that your Life is everything that you want it to be right now? or do you want more? Whatever the “more” may be, Love, Relationship, Great Sex, Money, Gratitude, Health, Joy ANYTHING, it can be attained through One skill. Each Consult will present valuable secrets for you to explore and practice in order for you to change Your Life. I ask all my clients to Journal their thoughts and feelings about whatever it is we are working through as this helps the transformation process. Each Consult will build on the previous allowing You to create a brand-new foundation for the creation of Your Desired Life. You will learn how to listen intently to Your Conscious Awareness. Breathe and act. Are You ready to Create Your Life Now?! Communications are live, interactive consulting sessions conducted over Skype or phone.

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